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Blepharoplasty: eye lift

As we all know, the eyes represent the element that gives greater communication to the face. Over the years, the shape of our eyelids tends to change and to convey an increasingly tired look, which could eventually become expressionless.

Blepharoplasty is a surgical intervention aimed at restoring freshness and expressiveness to the eye, by removing excess skin from the upper eyelid and removing bags from the lower one.

The result will be a general rejuvenation of the face and, consequently, the expression will return to being lively and fresh!

The Clinic Lus Fly, through its specialized doctors, performs the operation of blepharoplasty in the eyelids and bags under the eyes, which can also be associated with other treatments such as face restoration or facelift. Furthermore, it can also be performed only on the upper or lower eyelid, according to the needs of the patient: during the specialist examination, the surgeon will take care to assess the state of the tissues and therefore the need to undergo surgery.


This type of cosmetic surgery is carried out in patients who present:

  • - Swelling of upper or lower eyelids
  • - Falling upper eyelids, when the skin is relaxed and, leaning on the lashes, also reduces the view
  • - Lower eyelids with excess of skin, therefore bags, dark circles and swelling
  • - Orientation of the corner of the eye downwards
  • - Eyebrows very close to the eye opening
  • - Congenital defects of the eyes, eg eastern or drooping eyelid

Benefits and advantages of blepharoplasty surgery

The major benefits and advantages that can be noticed immediately are:

  • - A fresher and younger eye look
  • - Significant improvement in the visual field
  • - Greater luminosity of the face, with a relaxed and harmonious appearance, by removing the fat in the parts surrounding the eyes

Cosmetic eyelid surgery

The blepharoplasty operation is performed in day hospital, remaining in the structure only the time necessary for tests, examinations or therapies, and practicing local anesthesia, without being invasive in any way.

It is generally performed on both eyelids but, depending on the problem presented, it can also be performed on the upper or lower eyelid only.

Upper blepharoplasty: surgery on the upper eyelid

As for the upper eyelid, an incision is made along the line of the natural crease of the eyelid, to then proceed with the removal of the skin and excess fat. By working through the incisions, the surgeon can also correct muscle relaxation. The incisions made in the upper blepharoplasty will then be hidden in the expression folds and in the eyelid rim and closed with very thin sutures.

Lower blepharoplasty: surgery on the lower eyelid

In the operation to the lower eyelid, an incision is made along the lash line of the lower eyelid, and then proceed with the elimination of the adipose accumulation that causes the bags under the eyes. Also in this case the scar will be practically invisible.

Both procedures have an average duration of 30-40 minutes and are almost totally painless. Once out of the operating room of our clinic, the patient will relax in a dedicated room with ice on his eyes to limit the swelling. The wounds will be released from the patches and, after a couple of hours, the patient is released from the hospital: this allows the immediate return of the person to social and working life.

The days after the blepharoplasty procedure

After a few hours, when the anesthesia is over, the first pains usually appear that are easily managed with a pain reliever with a low gastric impact taken by mouth (tachypirina).

From the day after the operation, a prophylactic antibiotic therapy is started according to the doctor's prescription. Another foresight to have is to always keep your eyes moistened with normal eye drops or artificial tears to be applied to the conjunctiva several times a day. It is also useful to wear sunglasses that make light intense and protect from dust. On the second day it is usually possible to resume many of the normal daily activities such as driving or office work.

The eyelids have an extraordinary ability to heal and, also due to the fact that the tension on the wounds is very little, the removal of the points is done very early. Usually in this phase the wounds are already very little visible and only slightly reddened. There may still be some small bruising in the resolution phase, very rarely there are more pronounced bruises. From this moment on, you can calmly wash your face with a mild soap and take a shower. A dyed base can also be applied, possibly shielded against sunlight.