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Breast augmentation with additive mastoplasty

Among the most requested plastic surgeries by women, we can find the breast augmentation, which is able to solve one of the major problems concerning the female sex: that of the breast.

Thanks to the insertion of breast implants below the gland or the pectoral muscle, the additive mastoplasty allows the increase in the volume of the breast, improving its shape, symmetry and proportions.

Nowadays, thanks to the enormous advances in breast surgery, it is possible to choose the shape of the prosthesis which can be round or anatomical (“drop”), with a smooth or textured surface, in silicone gel or in other materials. The choice of prostheses to be used in the individual case is conducted, after an in-depth interview, based on the patient's personal expectations.

In choosing the most suitable prosthesis, several factors are taken into consideration, such as the type of result and the desired modeling as well as the anatomical characteristics of the patient and the tissues. Finally, to guarantee the maximum aesthetic result with the breast augmentation, it is important that the prostheses do not exceed that of the gland in width, otherwise the prosthesis would be visible. Not surprisingly, the width of the shoulders and chest are also taken into consideration and evaluated.

Mastoplastica additiva

Breast augmentation with additive mastoplasty

Before breast surgery

Before undergoing surgery to rebuild the breast, a first interview with the plastic surgeon is essential to clarify the expectations, needs and the result to be achieved.

Blood tests, an electrocardiogram and a breast ultrasound are always required, which will be evaluated by our surgeon and anesthesiologist a few days before.

For at least 10 days before the breast augmentation, please avoid taking aspirin or its derivatives. Any other medication normally taken should be communicated to the doctor.

The patient must not eat starting from the previous evening (light dinner before 10 pm), also avoiding water for at least 6 hours before the breast augmentation operation.

The intervention of breast augmentation

The additive mastoplasty is performed under total anesthesia and a night of hospitalization is necessary at our clinic.

There are essentially three access locations for breast implants:

- Inframammary groove: it is that small fold that forms under the breast thanks to its weight

- Periaerular area: it is located at the border point between the skin and the pigmental area of the areola

- Trans axillary area: it is in correspondence with the lower apex of the axillary cavity (this technique is the least used)

Insertion of the breast prosthesis in the additive mastoplasty

- Between the pectoralis major muscle and the glandular tissue (subglandular). This intervention is the least invasive and it is preferable in patients who practise sports, in which the pectoralis major muscle is subjected to intense efforts.

- Below the pectoral muscle (submuscular). The continuous contraction of the muscle given by the movement allows a constant massage of the prosthesis that favors the constitution of a softer and less thick capsule. Especially in lean women, the contour of the prosthesis is less visible.

After the additive mastoplasty surgery

After the breast augmentation surgery, the formation of some hematoma and swelling is totally normal. This is because the incision of the skin and the detachment of the tissues for the creation of the pocket that will accommodate the prosthesis, cause a trauma in the treated area. During the next week of surgery, you may experience some pain and limitation of movement. It is essential to use a sports bra for at least 30 days.

However, the result appears gratifying starting from the first days after the operation and it improves day by day, with an appreciable form and a natural appearance.

The small scar made for the access of the prosthesis will tend to thin and lighten, becoming less and less visible until it disappears.

At the end, we recall that for some years breast implants have an unlimited guarantee over time, and no longer need to be replaced after 10/12 years.