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The aesthetic treatment of face botulinum

The face botox is an aesthetic medicine treatment that allows to give the face a relaxed, fresh and young appearance, through small injections in specific points of the facial muscles.

Normally, the best results are obtained by treating the upper part of the face, on the horizontal and vertical wrinkles of the forehead and those around the eyes, better known as "crow's feet".

It is possible to obtain a completely natural effect by modulating the dosage appropriately, which consequently allows the disappearance of wrinkles, but not of expressiveness, which will instead be accentuated by the freshness of the face.

Botox viso

The stages of face botulinum treatment

Before the facial botox treatment

First of all, we want to clarify that the use of botulinum toxin is strongly discouraged in patients under 18 or over 65 and in pregnant women.

We also suggest to avoid taking anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs at least 10 days before the treatment, because they can increase the possibility of small hematomas.

Moreover, it is good to avoid taking antibiotic therapies with gentamicin or streptomycin, called amino glycosides, because they can enhance the treatment effect.

Our doctor will evaluate the request of the patient and, subsequently, he will recommend the treatment that allows to obtain the best result. Later, the patient is asked to contract the facial muscles in the individual districts, so that they can decide how to intervene and assess which muscles are most responsible for the formation of wrinkles.

How the face botulinum treatment is done

Botox treatment is outpatient, without hospitalization and without anesthesia and it can take about 15-20 minutes. It is performed by infiltrating small amounts of product in the areas of the face where the wrinkles are to be relaxed: thanks to a very thin needle, our specialized doctor is able to inject the substance in precise points inside the muscles, in such a way as to reduce the contraction .

After infiltration, the face is slightly reddened only at the points where the injection was made and only for a few minutes. Occasionally a small bruise may appear which tends to reabsorb in a few days.

Treatment with botulinum toxin is reversible, it lasts a few minutes and leaves no visible after-effects that may prevent the immediate resumption of daily activities. This explains the great success and the rapid diffusion in the aesthetic field of this new treatment: the aesthetic result in the treated regions is so satisfactory that the botulinum toxin in recent years has practically replaced the forehead lifting surgery.

Post face botox treatment

The face botulinum treatment does not require any particular post-intervention rest, but in the following 3-4 hours it is recommended to avoid:

- To lay down

- Stand with your head down

- Use the motorcycle helmet or any other object that may come into contact with the face

- Apply any type of makeup

- Carry out heavy efforts and exercises

For the whole next day it is not recommended to massage or press on the treated areas.

In the 15 days following the botox the face is normally advised to avoid:

- Sun exposure or UV lamps

- Avoid saunas or Turkish baths.

Finally, within 3-5 days we will begin to appreciate the blockage of the treated muscles, and the final maximum result is appreciated within a month.