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Find a fresh, young and relaxed look thanks to Face Lift with spider WEB:

a brand new technique that combines novelty and effectiveness

Clinic Lus Fly also means innovation: we practice a face lift with the spider WEB technique, which completely relinquishes the traditional and obvious wire lifting techniques.

The spider web technique was mainly inspired by the strongest and most elegant structure of nature. It has only been recently developed, but it is now used as an alternative method of face lifting interventions in a simpler and safer way with definitely more effective results.

Furthermore, unlike face-lift operations, patients can wear make-up and get back to their daily activities immediately after the surgery. Other advantages presented by this innovative technique are the absence of incisions and scars, the high percentage of patient satisfaction and the activation of collagen production.

This technique is performed by placing polydioxanone sutures in the subcutaneous tissue, by using fine needles and knitting under the skin, resulting in the production of collagen with the help of fibroblasts and growth factors.

The face lifting technique with spider web is suggested for patients who show the first signs of aging and loss of shape. With this treatment, you can renew your skin and make it younger in the most natural way possible.

This is an extremely fast and modern technique, which does not force the patient to temporarily isolate himself from social life and does not cause potential complications, such as swelling and bruising.

Before the surgery

Our specialist will follow your request from the beginning: you will just need to expose the main defects that you want to revise and we will prepare the best solution for you. After examining the situation and deformations on the face, the number of wires to be positioned and other possible applications will be decided.

The surgery

The application of the spider web is carried out starting from the application of an anesthetic cream on the face, to then begin the operation: very thin needles are inserted into the skin to inject the wires of PDO (polydioxanone). As a reaction to PDO yarns, the body begins to produce fibroblasts and collagen, which contains a growth factor: the lifting effect is thus made natural on the patient's face. Everything is done in about 30-40 minutes.

After the surgery

After the operation, it will not be necessary to bandage or apply medications to the skin and it is advisable to use the moisturizer prescribed by the doctor. Since the procedure is performed under sterile conditions, there is no risk of infection, but it will still be necessary to protect the skin from excessive exposure to sunlight.

The patient's skin will begin to form its own collagen network around the positioned PDO wires and, to implement this procedure, we recommend taking food and drinks that will support the production of collagen (vitamin A and C).

The Fast Face Lift treatment

What are the indications and advantages of the Fast Face Lift treatment?

Once the thread is inserted, the effect is immediate and will progressively tend to improve the skin tone and the compactness of the tissues, with a result similar to that of the facelift, but without a scalpel! Basically, the threads lift and redraw the contours of the jaw, for example, they bring back cheekbones and cheeks that begin to give way, moving downwards, thus rejuvenating the contours of the face. The surgeon, after inserting the guide needle into the desired area, separates the thread with a slight movement of the fingers, thus removing the emptied guide needle.

Fast face lift, lifting without a scalpel: treatment

Description of the fast face lift treatment

The fast face lift is a very simple procedure. At the two ends of the wire are attached two needles that allow the positioning of the thread inside the skin, in a completely atraumatic way, through a small hole made with a micro-needle. Local anesthesia is performed at the needle access points. The types of tension wires are completely absorbable, hypoallergenic and specifically indicated for the lifting of the face, jaw, cheeks and malar area.

Silhouette Soft yarns, made of polylactic acid, with the double effect of tissue lifting and collagen regeneration. The Silhouette Soft wires are anchored thanks to the presence of small cones that adhere to the skin and are made of glycolic acid, so they too are completely absorbable and hypoallergenic, for a natural and immediate effect.

Silhouette Soft tension threads combine two actions in a single treatment:

1) Lifting action: the results are immediately visible thanks to the traction performed by the doctor, which reshapes the area according to the patient's needs and wishes.

2) Regeneration action: for a gradual and lasting result. Thanks to the progressive resorption of the thread, the collagen is restored to give greater definition to the features, maintaining the volume effect over time.

Aptos wires, consisting of polylactic acid and caprolactone, which releases L-lactic acid in the treated area which stimulates the formation of collagen, thus creating a new connective tissue that plays a supporting role. It is a double braided suture thread inserted into a thin guide needle which, once introduced subcutaneously, begins to extend and expand. In this phase of expansion, the Aptos tension thread pushes the skin from the inside to help smooth wrinkles and, at the same time, it forms a very light and flexible "frame" that provides the fabrics with greater elasticity.

The Aptos tension wires, thanks to the combination of polylactic acid and caprolactone, produce a rejuvenating effect as they revitalize the skin slowing down the aging processes.