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Abdominoplasty, remodeling and flattening of the abdominal region.

This is a cosmetic surgery to remodel and flatten the abdominal region: the abdominoplasty has the purpose of eliminating both fat and excess skin, as well as strengthening the abdominal wall through special muscle suturing techniques, so as to obtain a flat and relaxed belly. This type of lifting of the abdomen cannot be considered as an intervention aimed at weight reduction, but only for aesthetic improvement.

Cosmetic surgery of the abdomen

Abdominoplasty is recommended to give the abdomen a tonic and compact appearance, especially in patients who present:

- Flaccid and drooping belly;

- Extended areas of stretch marks;

- Presence of unsightly scars, both vertical and horizontal;

- Abdominal relaxation from excess skin;

- Pendulous abdomen;

- Abdominal disproportionate to other body areas;

- Diastasis of the rectus abdominal muscles;

- Loss of firmness following a pregnancy;

- Psychological reasons caused by the aesthetic defect.

Before the abdominoplasty operation

Before a tummy tuck, there are procedures that the Clinic Lus Fly wants to present clearly:

1. The starting point of the surgical evaluation is always the perception of the aesthetic defect exposed by the patient and the image he would like to have of himself.

2. Subsequently, it will be the surgeon's task to evaluate the patient's abdominal structures, the extent of the damage and the area to be treated.

3. Afterwards, the surgeon will present a precise idea of the result that the patient will be able to obtain and of its actual realization, so as to make the operation as transparent as possible, in order to avoid any disappointment.

4. All the necessary information on the patient's health history will be collected and the familiarities will be assessed for pathologies that could represent a risk during the intervention.

The required exams for an abdominoplasty operation:

In preparation for the operation of abdominoplasty, is our clinic strongly advises to stop taking anti-inflammatory and smoking at least 15 days before.

The pre-operative examinations will then be carried out: the electrocardiogram and the chest radiograph. At the same time, antibiotic prophylaxis starting the day before the operation and it will continue for a week.

In conclusion, photographs will be taken that will document the patient's condition before surgery.

Abdominoplasty surgery

How the abdominoplasty operation is performed

There are two types of intervention and, depending on the severity, it can be performed:

- A mini abdominoplasty

- An abdominoplasty

Before making an assessment of the amount of excess skin, the surgeon draws the incision lines on the patient's abdomen.

The operation of abdominoplasty is performed under local (epidural) anesthesia through sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the needs, which are always established in the previous visit. The skin is incised, the tissues are unglued down to the muscle bands and then to the costal arches. Also the navel is incised and left in place, in order to be repositioned after the traction of skin and appendages.

In abdominoplasty, the removal of the skin and fat is carried out with the patient in a semiflexed position. Afterwards, all the floors are sutured to the skin and the drains are positioned.

Finally, a compression bandage is applied.

The intervention has an average duration of about three hours, which are then subject to variations depending on the intervention to be performed.

After the operation of abdominoplasty

Advice after abdominal lifting

After an abdominoplasty, one or two days of hospitalization are required, which consists in a complete rest in bed. More or less 4 dressings will be needed. Later, you can start walking, trying not to pull the scar and the skin too much.

We recommend sleeping in a supine position for at least 3 weeks; in the same period of time, the patient must still keep his legs moving, to avoid embolic thrombus complications.

We also suggest the use of graduated compression stockings, to be worn the following two weeks. If the abdominal wall is also reconstructed during surgery, the stockings must be worn for at least 6 weeks.

The stitches taken during abdominoplasty are removed about 15 days after surgery. Once the points have been removed, you will be able to resume showering entirely, while for sport you will have to wait at least 6-8 weeks.

Last but not least, exposure to the sun can take place about 30 days after surgery, applying a full-screen sunscreen on the scar.

Any specialist of the Clinic Lus Fly, however, will be as precise as possible with regards to suggestions and indications based on personal intervention, as well as for any further information and requests from the patient.