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The look of beard and moustache is a factor of considerable importance about a man style.

In most cultures, the beard is associated with virility and is also considered complementary to the aesthetic appearance of a man's face and it gives him the masculine appearance he desires.

All these reasons have led men to look for a solution, especially in these cases:
- Problems of non-growth of beard and moustache
- Presence of empty spaces
- Men who want to achieve more hairs density

Nowadays, beard and moustache transplant represents the final solution for these people, thanks to modern technology and the availability of specialists and experts in the sector.

With Clinic Lus Fly, we can meet your desire to get the shape of the beard you want (in terms of density and hair shape) thanks to our team of experienced doctors and to our use of the latest technologies in the field of hair transplantation.

You can contact us for a medical examination before making a decision on the procedure. There are some cases that can be treated without the need of a beard transplant. Clinic Lus Fly offers you these tips and advice for free, since our goal is to help you get the shape you want, which could be a priority for many.

Important facts about the beard and moustache transplant:

At our clinic, in Turkey, we perform the beard and moustache transplant by using the latest technique for extraction of grafts, that is characterized by speed and a better results achieving in terms of density. The most important fact is that this technique has almost no side effects or scars compared to the traditional methods.

We will now give you all the answers regarding your questions about the procedure and the clarifications on the beard transplant.

And if you have any other question or information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Questions and answers

How many grafts should be transplanted to get the shape of the beard I want?

A fixed number of grafts is not required, since it varies depending on the case:

- If the area of the beard is lacking in hair, it is necessary to plant 4500-5000 grafts.

- If it is needed hair intensification in the area, it is necessary to plant 3000-3500 grafts.

- If it is intended to fill the empty spaces on the beard, it is necessary to plant 1000-2000 grafts.

How long does a beard and moustache transplant last?

As for the nature of facial skin, which is more flexible than the scalp one, grafts are generally planted slowly to allow the maximum control and the natural view of the follicles. It takes about 3-4 hours to complete the transplant, compared to 2-3 hours for hair transplants, depending on the area and the density of the beard you want.

Which are the steps and steps for beard and moustache transplants?

The procedure is very similar to the way the hair is implanted in the scalp.

At the beginning, our doctor will draw the lines of the beard that are previously established with respect to the patient's personal desire to obtain natural results.

After that, our medical team begins to extract the follicles from the donor area located behind or on the sides of the head after anesthesia.

At this stage we will begin to open the channels in the receiving area just like in the hair transplant in the scalp.

Subsequently, the hair follicles are replanted in the recipient area, paying attention to the angle of hair growth so that the final hair looks normal.

What are the expected results for the beard and moustache transplant?

Our team of medical professionals aims to give you the most realistic and natural results that will stay with you until the end of your life. Our team restores your natural appearance following the natural direction of hair growth. You will not be able to distinguish between natural and transplanted hair.

Will the growth of beard hair be the same as the one of the scalp?

If you are worried that the new hair transplanted into the beard will grow just like the hair of the scalp, we can tell you that there is no need to worry. The hair transplanted into the beard will grow like all the ones in the face, with the same quality and the same characteristics.

Will the beard transplant be painful?

Similar to any hair transplant in the scalp, transplanting hair in the beard does not cause any pain. The only exception is during the anesthesia phase, which takes 2-3 minutes in the posterior area and 5 minutes in the anterior one, then the pain disappears after a few minutes.

What are the stages of hair growth after a beard and moustache transplant?

1. After the first week: you will notice hair loss, which is normal.

2. After 2 or 3 months: the beginning of hair growth on the implant area.

3. After 4 or 5 months: you will see remarkable results.

4. After 7-8 months: you will get the final results for the beard transplant.

When can I shave my beard after the operation?

Hair implants must not be shaved for the first 10 days after the transplant.

It should be noted that hair loss will occur two weeks after the operation and it is not necessary to worry about it, as it is normal for the hair cycle and it will grow again in the third or fourth month after surgery.

In general, only the scissors should be used to shave the beard hair after two weeks until the fifth month after the transplant. After then, it is possible to use blades or other razors.

What are the recommendations for the patient after the beard transplant?

It is recommended for two days after the operation to eat food that is comfortable for the jaw area, which does not need to be chewed, such as juices, liquids and soups, to obtain more stability of the grafts in the transplanted area.

How much does a beard and mustache transplant cost?

The cost is a package starting from € 1499 only for the beard transplant. In case of additional services, such as accommodation and transport, an additional cost will be added.

What are the side effects of the beard transplant?

The side effects expected after the beard transplant may not exist, if the patient follows the instructions provided by our doctors.

However, when the patient undergoes a surgical procedure, he can expect some redness and swelling in the facial area after the beard transplant (usually about 5 days). The patient can overcome these symptoms with care and patience. We will inform you about how to take care of your beard perfectly.

Another side effect as a normal part of the process is hair loss. However, it is expected by many patients, as this is part of the hair cycle phase and will soon grow back within 2-3 months.

How long should you stay in Istanbul?

Usually, you should stay in Istanbul for two days. For example, if you arrive in Istanbul on Wednesday morning, you are welcomed at the airport after your landing and then you move to the hotel. After that, you are taken to the hospital for blood tests and the first visit. So you can enjoy a tour around the city and have fun in Istanbul. On Thursday, the transplant takes place and it is advisable to rest in the hotel. The following day, come to the check up visit and remove the bandage. And on Friday afternoon, you can take your flight back home!