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D.H.I. Technique

In contrast to the FUE technique, during the DHI process, the creation of the site and of the graft implantation are carried out simultaneously: the extraction and the implantation are combined as a part of a process in one or two stages, by inserting the hair follicles directly into the interested areas, without the need of creating canal incisions thanks to the implanter pen (choi), which has a hollow needle sharp linked to a pipe and a device with a plunger. This is the reason why the DHI technique is also called Choi Techinque..

The procedure

During the process of a hair transplant with the Choi technique, the doctor inserts into the implanter the extracted grafts. Thereafter, the needle is pushed into the scalp with an accurate angle og 40-45 degrees, during the only stage of incision. During the DHI transplant, is generally used a variable amount of Choi implanter, which can be from 2 to 6, with about 15-16 needles, with different dimensions to adapt as well as possible with the thickness of each follicular unit.


Reduction of the time when the grafts remain in the external part of the scalp, thus ensuring a strong and healthy positioning. Appropriate survival rate of the follicles. Bleeding reduction during the creation of the receiving area. Trauma decrease during the graft manipolation, with consequent damage reduction in the provision of the blood in the implanted area. Fast recovery during the post-op stage: the patient can get back to the daily routine very quickly.


Our doctor and his team are subject to a long professional journey before achieving the necessary experience to become specialised doctors. Generally, this kind of treatment is more expensive than other hait transplant techniques. This method requires more attention and accuracy during the process. Due to the limitation of the operational area, this technique could stress the operator, which could affect the extraction and the process of implantation, possibly causing damages during the grafts manipulation.

Who is intended for DHI hair transplant

With the creation of this new technique at the Kyungpook National University in South Korea, the experts carried out research to obtain a complete and detailed comprehension about it. According to their studies, not everyone is an ideal candidate to undergo the hair transplant with Choi Implanter.

It was noted that the first version of the Choi Implanter Pen provided better results on Asian patients, compared to other backgrounds. Experts who have been studying this phenomenon have come to the following conclusion: Asian people hair is particular for the straight and thick hairs, while other kind of hair, especially the thinnest ones, could make the inclusion difficult, since the dimension of the main needles were about 0,8-0,9 mm.

Therefore, this could lead to an inappropriate bending of the follicle, a wrong positioning of the transplant or an excessive trauma for the follicles. Hence not every patient is an ideal candidate for the use of the Choi Implanter Pen during a hair transplant. On the other hand, some doctors disagree with this statement, justifying that an increasing configuration of the Choi Implanter Pen could lead to an effective positioning of the graft with every type of hair.

With the scientific and technological progress, the procedures concerning hair transplant have improved over the past ten years, reaching a situation where the Choi Implanter Pen can be used on any kind of hair. This signs the beginning of a new era, that shows significant, predictable, safe and especially natural results.