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F.U.E. techinque

The hair transplant with F.U.E. technique consists in an autograft: this technique is based on the extraction of the hair follicle from the donor areas, which are immune to factors that cause hair loss and they are transferred to areas with fair hair or with no hair at all, through special tools in a way that does not leave any trace or line. Backwards, the traditional hair transplant methods entail the removal of a part of the scalp, which will be covered by surgical wires and bandages, by leaving painful scars. In the opposite, the FUE technique is considered totally painless and the total healing happens 7-8 days after the hair transplant.

Trapianto capelli F.U.E

The 7 stages of the transplant

1. Medical examination: this is the stage when the doctor develops the operative plan for the patient and creates the hairline design.

2. Preparation: this stage includes the sterilization process on the transplant area and the application of local anaesthetics.

3. Extraction: it concerns the specific process of extraction of the hair follicles from the donor area of the patient.

4. Incisions: this is the moment when the grafts are created and the incisions will be made by following the direction of the existing hairs.

5. Transplant: this stage concerns the grafts positioning in the receiving areas with the correct angle and the hair direction.

6. Post-op process: this moment includes the medication process and the PRP treatment to speed up the healing of the treated area.

7. Post-op cure and hair washing: after the healing, both areas, the donor and the receiving ones, will be very sensitive in the following 15 days after the transplant. Consequently, these two areas must be washed with the utmost care.


Duration of the transplant

Proportionally to the number of grafts needed for the specific kind of baldness, the transplant can last from 4 up to 6 hours.


The following two days after transplant, you hair can be washed carefully. The appearance of small scubs at the base of the transplanted bulbs is totally natural, and in a few days they will get off by themselves. After 24 hours, the patient will be able to go back to his daily routine, work included.

The advantages of the FUE technique

  • The hair transplant can get a more natural and a thicker aspect.
  • It is a permanent solution for the treatment of hair loss, both moderate or tough.
  • It is a comfortable technique planned to guarantee the patients the minimum quantity of discomfort, without leaving any external scar after the transplant.
  • The FUE technique offers the patients faster recovery times; they can easily get back to their daily routine and they can also travel back to their country the day after the transplant.
  • With the correct transplant plant, no damage will be caused in the donor area and no change will be noticed, even after multiple interventions.
  • Statistically speaking, 98% of the grafts will grow as normal hairs