Clinic Lus Fly, 34394, Istanbul, Turkey, (+905524377846)

Hair look Turkey

Clinic Lus Fly was born to guarantee the patients rights coming from abroad. Our patients can benefit from our doctors’ experience and from all the facilities our clinic offers. Furthermore, we guarantee all our patients the respect of every quality standard internationally, as it is certificated from our attestations, as well as a high quality service during pre- and post-op periods.

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Never alone

We want to accompany you through the whole journey, so that you will never feel alone!

H24 with you

We are available through our phones, our e-mail and WhatsApp H24


You will also have a personnel interpreter at your disposal, who will help you in everything you will need.

Isn’t it enough?

Then you will have the possibility to bring with you a person who will accompany you, with no additional costs!

360° comfort

Clinic Lus Fly manages your travel in every single detail: starting from the transfer service, to the accommodation, to the visits at the clinic.

Premium service

Your Clinic Lus Fly travel does not end with the hair transplant or the plastic surgery. We will follow your case in the next months through the pictures you will send us.

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Clinic for Hair Transplant and Plastic Surgery in Turkey

Located in a central area of Istanbul, the clinic reflects forefront and quality. Our patients can find the best techniques, the best medical teams and the best equipments. Instead, the person that accompanies the patient finds modernity, hospitality and a waiting room that definitely does not look as a hospital area.