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Internationally recognized medical facilities

There is no doubt that Turkey has become one of the leading countries in the field of hair transplantation and plastic surgery, thanks to the ability of medical specialists and to use the latest technology in the world.

Turkey is not only one of the main tourist destinations in the world, but it is also one of the most popular countries for medical tourism and in particular for hair transplant and plastic surgery. More than one million foreigners go to Turkey every year to obtain medical and surgical procedures for these reasons:


Most foreign patients, arriving for hair transplants and plastic surgeries, come from Europe and the Arabian Gulf countries. Prices in Turkey are a great attraction for those who wish to reverse hereditary hair loss. Official Clinic Lus Flyprices start from 2,000 euros and you can check prices here in the website, while in the UK the same procedure costs around $ 12,000. In the United States, prices can go up to $ 15,000. Therefore, many Europeans and Americans also opt for Turkey as a destination for their hair transplant.


Turkey is strategically positioned at the meeting point between Europe and Asia. This unique geographical position makes it an amalgam of Eastern and Western cultures. You can easily reach Turkey via many airlines, Turkish airlines directly reach over 192 international destinations and you can check it through this link:

Internationally recognized medical facilities

Patients are always looking for hospitals in Turkey, which are Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited and have JCI and follow the latest techniques in Hair transplantation and cosmetic surgery. Many hospitals have hospital accreditation from the Ministry of Public Health. All the latest technologies and facilities are available in the largest private hospitals.

Professional and qualified medical staff

Turkey has a pool of highly qualified doctors many of whom have studied / practiced abroad. With this international experience, Clinic Lus Fly is able to offer the most recent and safe medical procedures. They will perform a wide range of surgical operations such as plastic surgery, hair transplantation through the latest techniques, dental implants, etc. Doctors and most nurses speak English. Translation services are also available if you request them.

Easy to enter

Entry procedures into Turkey are less cumbersome than many other countries in the world. Foreigners traveling to Turkey must have a passport valid for the next 6 months. Turkey has visa-free travel for many countries.

Tourist destinations

Tourism in Turkey offers different attractions, large tourist infrastructures. The country has many tourist places and is one of the best projects for tourists from all over the world. Turkey is a beautiful country and the tourist sites are in contrast with the mountain resorts and the sun-kissed beaches. As we have mentioned the Turkish airlines that fly to more than 192 international destinations such as the United Kingdom and the United States and have direct flights to around 9 different cities in the United States.